Celebrating Native Artists

The Ohi:yo’ Art Market is a celebration of Native American Resiliency through art and culture. We welcome Native American artists from nations across the United States and Canada to participate in our art show competition and art market.

We further welcome all visitors to experience the creativity and talent of today’s finest Native artists at the market.

2024’s Ohi:yo’ Art Market

2024 was the Ohi:yo’ Art Market’s inaugural year. Nya:wëh to all the participating artists who made this event a success!

Check out the winning artists from the market’s competition below. And read more about our inaugural year here.

2024 Winners

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Best of Show: Leith Mahkewa

Oneida Nation of the Thames/Hopi/Tewa, Wolf Clan


Cultural Items:

1st place: Leith Mahkewa, Cradleboard #1- Inaugural

2nd place: Leroy Henry, Cayuga-Grand River Territory, Horn

3rd place: Sharon Trudeau, Wikwemikong Band Odawa, MMIW Forget Us Not

Cradleboard #1- Inaugural

Basswood, white ash and raw ride cradleboard. The front of the board displays predominantly white flat beadwork on black cotton velvet with accents of sterling silver plated beads and wampum. The choice to use this colour scheme comes directly from my appreciation for the flat geometrical designs found on the back of board is adorned raised Haudenosaunee beadwork on tanned/smoked deer hide, with various coloured florals, vines in and around.

Jurors Award: David Martin

Pokagon Band of Potawatomi

Simeon Pokagon

Paintings, Drawings, Photography

1st place: David Martin, Star Brothers

2nd place: Bruce Boots, Akwesasne Mohawk, Little People

3rd place: Kenneth T. White III, Dine’h/Navajo, Charging New Treaties

Star Brothers


1st place: Leroy Henry, Cayuga-Grand River Territory, Haudenosaunee Strong

2nd place: Kaysun Tremblay, Kanien’keha’:ka, Kanehsodake, Wisdom in the Water

3rd place: Margaret Jacobs, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, Old Growth Blueberry

Sculpture of a turtle with half a human forearm rising out of its shell with the hand grasping a bundle of arrows.

Haudenosaunee Strong


1st place: Brennen Johns, Onondowa’ga, They Cut Across the Sky

2nd place: Cynthia Thomas, Oneida Nation, Exercising Indigenous Rights

3rd place: Cynthia Thomas, Oneida Nation, Kanehelatu’ksla

They Cut Across the Sky



1st place: Ronnie-Leigh & Stonehorse Goeman, Onondaga Nation/Tonawanda Seneca, Grandfather

2nd place: Penelope S. Minner, Seneca Nation, Born to Shine

A basket made in blue and purple and yellow hues. The lid has some white fur in center and a tiny sculpture of a man with an Eagle's head is placed on top.


Weavings and Textiles:

1st place: Faye Lone, Tonawanda Seneca, Winter Traditions

2nd place: River Webb, Nez Perce, Meskwaki, Gettigawigea

3rd place: Rachel White, Onondaga Nation, Ceremony Trade Cloth

A blue quilt with black stitching depicting people doing traditional winter activities.
Winter Traditions


1st place: Jaycee Custer, Diné, Blossom

2nd place: Mickey Sickles, Oneida Nation of The Thames, Silver Arm Bands

3rd place: Christal Ratt, Anishnabe-Mitchikanibikok Inik, Wabikoni




1st place: Kierra Pyke, Mohawk/Akwesasne, Creation

2nd place: Christal Ratt, Anishnabe-Mitchikanibikok Inik, Ayashesh

3rd place: Michael Begay, Navajo & Santo Domingo Pueblo, Bandless Growth

View of the side of the tiny purse. Beadwork includes a tiny Sunflower.


Innovative Arts:

1st place: Ronnie-Leigh & Stonehorse Goeman, Onondaga Nation/Tonawanda Seneca, Pope

2nd place: Samantha Jacobs, Seneca Nation, Reconnection-Land

3rd place: Trevor Brant, Mohawk, Knowledge

Basket weaved in orange and tan hues. It is mounted on a set of carved antlers. The antlers are carved into a Pope and schoolchildren.Close up of the Pope silencing the school children antler carving.

Check out some other award winning pieces below!