Peter Jones

Pottery & Sculptures

Artist Bio

Peter B. Jones is a renowned potter and sculptor who resides on the Allegany Territory of the Seneca Nation of Indians. He studied under Hopi artist Otellie Loloma while attending the Institute of American Indian Art in New Mexico. His pottery, some of which is derived from traditional Iroquois pit firing, hand-built coiling and slab construction, is admired and collected by community members, Native American art collectors, and museums across the country and internationally. Reminiscent of early Iroquois pottery, Jones’ art directly reflects the issues that have impacted the Hodinöhsö:ni’. Jones works mostly in stoneware and white earthenware clay.

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Neo-Traditional Pottery

“Our traditional pottery died out around the 1500’s. The transition to European kettles and metal pans replaced our early pottery. In 1977 I began researching our pottery to find out how it was made and what they were used for. Now in 2020, I think I have come to a pretty fair representation of the methods used by our ancestors in making pottery. After re-introducing this style of pottery back to our own people I began to wonder what our pottery might look like today had we continued to produce our pottery.

My new work is my representation of contemporary Iroquois pottery done on the potter’s wheel and made from mid-fire stoneware clay. I searched for a glaze that would have a similar finish to pit-fired clay. These new pots are the results of my research 2020.”

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