In this blog post we announce the very exciting news that not one, but two new exhibits are coming to the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum.

Both exhibits have been on the mind’s of our community for a very long time and this summer the exhibits become a reality.

In fact, the first new exhibit, Hellbender, has officially opened!

Perspective shot of 'entering the Hellbender exhibit'. The exhibit has a large aquarium with rocks. Over the aquarium there is black vinyl wall stickers with the text ''Hellbender' and "Dewënigöhge:h" beneath.
'Hellbender; Dewënigöhge:h' exhibit aquarium.

We first welcomed the hellbender’s just in time for Heritage day. These hellbender’s were originally rescued by Seneca Nation of Indian’s fish and wildlife service. Unable to be released to the wild, the hellbender’s have made SINM their new home.

The Hellbender exhibit celebrates our community. When visitors enter, the gallery signs showcase community members. These signs share the story of the initial discovery back in 2009 and the conversation efforts since. Learn more about SINM’s newest resident’s by visiting our Hellbender exhibit today.

A perspective picture of the 'Hellbender' exhibit. There is a giant vinyl sticker of a hellbender over an opening doorway. On the opposite wall four differesnt photos are seen. The first features three people in a river environment holding a hellbender. The second image shows a young woman in a river environment smiling holding a hellbender. The third photo is a close up of hands holding hellbender eggs which are orange and look like fish eggs. The fourth photo shows one man outside bent over a clear plastic storage container smiling looking at the camera while holding a hellbender.

'Hellbender; Dewënigöhge:h' exhbit gallery.

Our second exhibit, Cornplanter, is dedicated to the Seneca people, honoring Seneca heritage. The exhibit, quite literally is monumental, with the Cornplanter monument centering the exhibit. The exhibit is well-under way. Most recently, we experienced monumental success in placing the monument in the exhibit.

Behind the scenes look at the movement of the monument to the exhibit.

The exhibit will also showcase Cornplanters tomahawk, Wampum belt’s, and two new unique pieces commissioned just for this exhibit.  

Further developments of Cornplanter the exhibit are happening this very moment. Even if you are reading this post years in the future! That is because the exhibit will perform as a ‘living exhibit’. Constantly evolving as more insight comes in from the community.

Opening August 3rd, the exhibit’s opening is extra special as it falls on the same day as the annual Cornplanter Descendants Association picnic. The picnic will be hosted at the Museum for the first time reuniting descendants with the monument. Join us August 3rd from 10a.m.-4p,m, for the official opening! We encourage documentation and sharing of knowledge at the event.

See you at SINM to check out our newest exhibits soon. Follow our Upcoming events page and social medias for the most current museum updates.