This month’s elder spotlight features no other than our own and beloved Becki Bowen.

Group of people satnding in front of the cultural center.

Onöhsagwë:de’ Cultural Center's 1-year Anniversary, 2019

Becki is seen front and center besides other community members that played an active role at the OCC.

I first met Becki when I interviewed for my Collection’s Database Manger position. I admittedly had no idea who she was prior to my interview and when I was told that she was a very respected elder, I thought I blew it!

As I am writing to you now, I luckily did not blow that interview. Since landing the job, I had the chance to work with and learn from Becki. From my brief first months at my museum I have been shown just how prominent a key player Becki is to the Seneca Nation community.

For example, in April Becki was awarded SNI’s Employee of the Month!

Director Hayden Hayne’s introduced Becki at the award ceremony by reflecting on her 40 years of dedicated service to the nation and 20 years in the Archives Department.

Becki shown in overalls and holding her employee of the month plaque smiles for a photo with 3 co-workers on either side of her.

Staff celebrate Becki's achievements.

Next, Becki gave her own speech expressing passion for her role, stating that it was her “dream come true” when the Archives Department was created. Becki’s own love for learning and sharing Seneca Nation history, perfectly aligns with the goals of the Archives Department to preserve the nation’s history for generations to come.

During the Employee of the month ceremony, Hayne’s additionally remarked “When I think of Becki as a person, I admire her. My personal observation of her is that she is someone that exudes confidence, yet humility. And to me, she represents a great example of a strong, Seneca woman.”

Becki is certainly a strong Seneca woman and is proud to be one too. Her recent work on the Seneca Woman’s Right to Vote (SWRV) 60th Anniversary excellently demonstrated her strong Seneca womanhood and research skills.

Graphic of a corn husk doll with a red dress and corn husk flowers by her feet. Two humming birds face toward her on both sides. The image is framed in a circle and radiating from the circle is a deep purple background.

Seneca Women's Right To Vote 60th Anniversary logo

Designed by Tami Watt

Becki was instrumental to the success of the SWRV anniversary celebration. First she had thoroughly researched relevant SWRV history. Next she applied this newfound knowledge by creating a timeline of significant events and an educational pre-recorded presentation. The timeline was published on SWRV pamphlets passed out at every SWRV event for people to peruse. Becki’s presentation is made public for you to view by clicking on the button below!

Becki even participated in SWRV events like the Fashion Show, furthering the success of the SWRV celebration!

A flyer for the Indigenous Fashion Showcase with Tami Watt's design of the cornhusk doll in center and informational text regarding logistics beneath the graphic.

Becki’s confirmation as April’s Employee of the Month and full involvement in SWRV 60th anniversary are only two examples of Becki’s achievements and dedication to the community. Nya:wëh, Becki for all you do to benefit the community everyday. You are a beacon of knowledge and we cannot wait to continue to learn from you!

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