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Preparing students for visit

Your first visit to the Museum

Nyawëh sgënö'

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When you arrive at the Museum, please come in and let our history and culture captivate you.  Before your trip, preview exhibitions that are currently on view.  We love to answer questions, so please familiarize your students with the museum.  Teacher resources and suggestions for how to connect our exhibitions to your classroom curriculum are available via the curriculum suggestions.   Located inside the Museum is a small Gift Shop.  Please advise your students prior to the visit to bring money, if they wish to do so.

Students will see and learn many new things during their visit.  They will learn Seneca words.  We hope that teachers use these words as well during classroom activities.  Ask us why we are known as the People of the Great Hill. 

What do students need to know before visting the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum?

During your visit, pease remember:

  • Touch the works of art/photographs only with your eyes, never with your hands.
  • Walk in the museum -- do not run.
  • Use a quiet voice when sharing your ideas.
  • No photography is allowed.  Exceptions may be made.  Please make your request prior to tour starting.
  • Foods, drinks, and chewing gum are not allowed inside the Museum.
  • Cell phones must be turned off while inside the Museum.

    Contact the Museum or Museum Administrative Offices at (716) 945-1760 or (716) 945-1104 with any questions.