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Frequently Asked Questions

Museum Questions

  • How do I schedule my group for a Museum Tour?
    • Please call (716) 945-1104 ext. 7853 Mon-Fri 9-5
  • How much does a tour group cost?
    • A group of ten or more people is $2.00 per person.
    • No charge for chaperones
  • How do I research my Native ancestry?
    • You need your parents/grandparents names, maiden names and birth dates. Call the SNI Clerk's Department at (716) 945-1790.
  • Does the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum assess Native artifacts for authenticity and value?
    • This is a common request. With the advent of ebay, people sell objects and list them as Seneca artifacts. There are professional websites that sell artifacts as well. If you purchase something from an auction website (ie. pbgalleries.com), there normally is a "provenance", which is the complete documented history of the object or document. This is the best source for determining authenticity and value. The person selling the object should be able to give you a certificate of authenticity, which states that the information s/he gave you is valid to the best of her/his knowledge. If you do not have the provenenace of an object or document relevant as Seneca or Hodinöhsö:ni' (Iroquois), the SINM can examine it. Your first step would be to send a picture to the Museum director (email: dave.shongo@sni.org). We cannot assess the value of any artifact, nor can we validate a value given by someone else.
  • I am coming to the museum, where can I find information about dining, places to stay, and other local attractions?

Online eCommerce Questions

  • Do you accept international orders?
    • Yes. All transactions are processed through the PayPal system. No orders will be processed through the Museum Gift Shop.
  • Do you charge sales tax on sales?
    • No we do not charge sales tax.
  • What are the shipping rates if I purchase multiple items?
    • You will be able to see the shipping rates during the payment process. All items are shipped via USPS (shipping options are standard; 2nd day; standard delivery with signature confirmation; standard delivery with delivery confirmation; pick up order; and Fed Ex for international orders).